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After the end of the world

22. Dezember 2012

I am still alive. And in a good shape too!

So are my family and my friends. My real friends and my facebook friends. All are well.

Now to the bad news:

Still alive and remaining here on this old earth:

Pangs of hunger, war, rassism, fascism, climate warming, torture, abuse, rape, drugs, alcohol, psychotropic drugs, pure capitalism, banking institutions, pollution, anti-Semitism, sacrifices, missionaries, religious fanaticism, misunderstanding, discrimination, enviousness, avarice, exploitation, jealousy, idleness, haughtiness, enragement, egoism.

At this time when the earth is waking

to the dawn of another age.

I tell you now there is no reason to be afraid.

We are crying für a vision

that all living things can share

and those who care

are with us everywhere.

May all beings know peace and liberation. May all beings be happy, safe and well.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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